What is Eco Friendly Stuff?

Eco Friendly Stuff is exactly what it’s called, we sell stuff that doesn’t negatively affect our world. Simple.


About us


Ruddy plastic everywhere

Plastic is an amazing material which lasts almost forever but unfortunately it’s been immensely overused, we’ve all done it but we all now know we shouldn’t anymore. Luckily you have awesome fantastic shops like us to kick the plastic out of everyday use, aren’t we great? Yes we are, and so are you

Why choose us?

So many products out there claiming to be eco friendly and useful but what actually works? Here at Eco Friendly Stuff we've tried, tested and loved our products. It’s no guarantee you’ll love them too but it’s a good start. Watch our videos of each product and see for yourself. We aren’t sponsored so you can trust us

Really eco friendly?

During this journey we've kept to our original idea of selling products that really are eco friendly, no green washing here! We've picked the most environmentally conscious suppliers and products. Even are packaging is ether recycled, reused and/or biodegradable, right down to the packaging tape

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